Specific terms in sexual life

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction – can be caused by fear, stress, frustration or disappointment. It is often caused by the “fear of failure” – the man’s fears that the contact will not meet the needs of the partner.

Erotic aids – are objects that are usually used in masturbation or sexual contact to intensify the sexual experience and to improve and diversify the intimate life. The use of aids usually leads to sexual satisfaction. Erotic aids include: aphrodisiacs, anal balls, butt plug, dildo, penis ring, lubricating gel, inflatable doll, artificial vagina, vacuum pump, venus balls, vibrating egg, vibrator and more.

Eroticism – comes from the Latin word eroticus – which refers to sexual love, eros – physical love, the god of love, everything related to love and sex life. Cultivated discourses related to sexuality. Its various forms are conditioned by cultural and historical conditions.

Erogenous zones – are all places on the body whose touching or caressing leads to arousal. The capacity of a sexual experience is not limited to the sexual organs, in fact the whole body could be a large erogenous zone – the earlobe, the neck, the back of the neck. The nipple, for example, is very sensitive.

Exhibitionism – sexual perversion manifested by public exposure; the most common sexual perversion is genital excision and masturbation in front of a person of the opposite sex. The exhibitor usually does not communicate. If he communicates with vulgar vocabulary, with violent gestures, he can be a sexual aggressor.

Fetish – According to the International Classification of Diseases, the fetus is the use of an inanimate object for sexual arousal and satisfaction, check more at cele mai bune filme online porno cu femei frumoase. Many fetishes are associated with the human body, such as clothing or footwear. Other common materials characterize a particular structure, such as rubber, plastic, or leather. In some cases, they only serve to increase sexual arousal naturally.

Frigidity – frigidity is sexual coldness – sexual frigidity or frigiditas sexualis, manifests itself as low sexual activity and inability to have an orgasm. It can have psychological or physical causes.

Heterosexuality – is a combination of the Greek word heteros (other, different) and the Latin noun sexus (gender), literally means a different sex. Also, the so-called heterosexual orientation in the medical and sexological sense is a predominant or exclusive erotic sensitivity towards the opposite sex, which is usually manifested by emotional affection, intense feeling or the need to have serious emotional relationships with people of the opposite sex, the ability to to fall in love with them, usually with a greater desire after physical approach or orgasmic activities related to them.

Homosexuality – sexual orientation for a person of the same sex.

Impotence – Impotence is defined as a persistent problem of reaching or maintaining an erection to complete sexual intercourse. It is not a sign of an occasional erection problem that every man may experience from time to time – for example, when he is very tired or has overdosed on alcohol. Impotence is a delicate, long-term problem that negatively affects the quality of life of partners. In a broader sense, the word impotence includes several other signs for: erectile dysfunction, infertility, inability to ejaculate in men, ejaculation in men without orgasm, the absence of any desire for sexual activity.

Kama Sutra – is an ancient Indian text that describes human sexuality. The author of the text is the Indian philosopher Mallanag Vatsjayana, who lived between the 4th and 6th century AD. The book Kama Sutra is not just a collection of sex positions. This Indian teaching is much more complex but it also lacks aesthetic value. Basic pillars of the Kama Sutra teaching: mutual love, discipline. The modern sex guide is called Zerexsutra. If you want to start your creativity and imagination or want to be a better sexual partner, this book is for you. ZEREXSUTRA will guide you through the mysterious techniques that will bring a new spark to your sex life.

Kegel exercises – were invented by women’s doctor Arnold Kegel and involve special exercises, which by their combination act exclusively on the so-called PC muscle. Kegel’s exercises appeared in the 1920s and served to correct minor anatomical changes that occurred at birth. They were gradually adopted by men who, thanks to them, were able to better control their erection and premature ejaculation, these are the reasons why most men decide to practice Kegel exercises. The exercise consists of contracting and rhythmic relaxation of the muscles – specifically the PC muscle.

Libido – sexual instinct or sexual desire. It is a collection of successive innate reflexes influenced by hormonal activity that provoke the desire for sexual contact in adults. It is sometimes called “sexual appetite”. If libido is low, our taste for sex decreases rapidly. This affects both men and women.

Masochism – according to the Austrian writer Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), is a form of sadomasochism in which the person (masochist) finds pleasure when humiliated and abused by his partner. An individual’s sexual satisfaction exists only when he is abused. The masochist combines enthusiasm with mental or physical pain. More broadly, masochism is a characteristic, when an individual suffers a pain that can be avoided or seeks torture alone in life.

Masturbation – or masturbation, or masturbation, is a form of sexual behavior that consists of sexually stimulating the sexual organs or other erogenous zones with their own hands (autoeroticism), the hands of a partner, or erotic aids to achieve an orgasm.

Menopause – transition, menopause. The period in a woman’s life, when the activity of the ovaries gradually ceases and the menstrual cycle ends. There are hormonal changes accompanied by a decrease in the production of sex hormones. The menstrual cycle becomes irregular and eventually ceases.

Monogamy – Monogamy is a form of marriage of a man to a single woman. Naturally, it refers to the reproductive and exclusive communion throughout the life of two people. The naturalist distinguishes between sexual and social monogamy. The social association of a permanent partner serves mainly to raise children, but also allows other sexual contacts. The opposite of monogamy is polygamy.

Condom – everything you need to know about a healthy sex life

The condom is one of the most important elements when it comes to intimate interaction, and over time there have been many campaigns that have encouraged its use for a safer and healthier sex life. From the first products manufactured until now, condoms have evolved a lot, giving people as many opportunities as possible to enjoy together the moments spent in the bedroom.


The condom – what is it?

Frequently asked questions and questions about condoms

The condom – what is it?

A condom, whether male or female, is a method of contraception. However, the one for men is much more popular nowadays, and in case you didn’t know, it has a very long history.

It is said that around 3,000 BC, King Minos of Crete used the goat’s bladder sheath during intercourse to protect his wife from his own sperm, which was considered unclean at the time. In Asia, condoms were used to cover only the head of the penis, and most were made of greased tissue paper. The ancient Romans, in turn, used animal intestines and much more. Thus, the use of the male condom has always existed, even if not in the form known today. The oldest condom ever discovered dates back to 1642.

For most of their history, condoms have been used not only as a method of contraception, but also to protect their partners from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia and more.

With the eighteenth century, this method of birth control became extremely popular, and the condom market grew very rapidly, even if not everyone looked at them with good eyes. They were believed to encourage sexual intercourse with insecure partners, but they came to be marketed not only in shops but also in theaters or restaurants across Europe. As expected, it was used only by the upper classes, because only these people had access to education. In 1855 the first rubber condoms were made, and in 1920 the latex ones appeared. Over time, the manufacturing methods and materials used have become more and more innovative, which has led to the realization of the condom as it is today.

Thus, the condom is the most widely used barrier method of contraception for men, which protects the partners against a possible pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is mostly made of latex, it is elastic and resistant, but it also has a lot of secondary applications such as: dimensions, flavors, colors, functionalities, etc.

Types of condoms

There are a lot of condom models on the market today. Each person gets to know them over time, after experiencing different materials, textures and flavors.

Latex condoms – are the most common and known for protecting both partners from sexually transmitted diseases during any type of sex: vaginal, oral and anal sex, but also from unwanted pregnancies.
Non-latex condom – made of polyurethane and used by people who are allergic to latex.
Condoms with or without spermicides – are known to provide much greater protection and to kill sperm. They are extra safe and much thicker than regular latex.
Stimulating or textured condom – has ribs, striations, dots or other such elements that give extra pleasure to both partners. It can even be compared to sex toys. However, some women are bothered by these streaks.
Ultra-thin condom – is a very intimate variant and most often used by those who are not fans of this method of contraception. Due to the fact that it is thin, it will help you feel every sensation and movement during sexual intercourse.
Condom with lubricant – most models are lubricants, because this substance ensures the quality of the product and prevents it from breaking or breaking. In addition, it can prevent irritation and pain.
Flavored condoms – are some of the most popular condoms for oral sex, due to the fact that they have interesting tastes and are more liked by women.
Condoms with anesthetic – are generally purchased by men who want to delay ejaculation, so that sex lasts as long as possible.
Vaginal condom – not an extremely popular choice, because many of the products are not approved or considered safe. However, women can choose to use them if they want more control.

So, if you are wondering what condoms are made of, these are the main materials used today. Of course, there are several options, but not all of them are considered safe.

Condoms for women vs. condoms for men

The male condom is the one that runs on the penis, and most of the time it is made of latex. These are the models that most people use, due to the fact that they are a much more convenient method of contraception for women.

Females are inserted into the vagina. They have a closed end that goes into the vagina and an open one. Most models are made of safe materials, even for those who are allergic to latex. It is not advisable to use male and female condoms at the same time, due to the risk of breaking or breaking.

How do you make a man fall in love before having sex?

It’s much simpler than you think. When it comes to sex, men and women tend to look at it differently. Women can still think about sex from time to time, but men are more likely to think about sex obsessively.

As a woman who goes through the world of dating and relationships, this difference usually occurs when you try not only to make a man not only to want you, but also to make him fall in love with you and dedicate himself to the relationship on long term.

The story usually goes this way.

You meet a guy and you start to like him. You have already gone out on a few dates together and you can already see that you have a future with him. He feels ready to have an intimate relationship with you and you know that you do not feel ready to do this, but you are afraid that you will scare him and that you will hurt his feelings if you refuse him when it comes to sex.

Fortunately, you can learn how to reach him without compromising your own values ​​and feelings, and the first thing you should know is how men think.
When it comes to sex, it’s easy to describe men in a general way, but the truth is that sex often means more to a man than “putting it on.”
Of course, men want to have sex with you because of the happy ending, but they also want to reach you on a deeper emotional level.
Unfortunately, the fact that they do not know this makes many women feel like they are being put on the corner, so they end up looking for ways to make him dedicate themselves to a relationship because of confusion and despair.

But there are still some ways to prevent and resolve such situations.
It is very important not to start being defensive and to start assuming that a man wants to put you to bed just because he wants your body. Of course, such things happen, but not always.
The problem with this dynamic is that it produces a dangerous dialogue

There are women who, when they are in such a scenario, usually end up saying things like, “All right, you want to have sex with me and I want dedication from you. I will give you my body and have sex with you, only if you give me security and dedicate yourself to me. “

If the man agrees with this, then only a false illusion of safety has been created.

Don’t lose your temper

But let’s not get into dramas. There is, most often, the situation that many already know, that of not accepting the partner by the family because “that’s what they want”. So, without a serious reason, they are stubborn to accept it regardless of the qualities and love it brings you. You don’t have to lose your temper.

If you know you are right and know the habits of the family, try as much as possible to offer protection both to your relationship and especially to the one next to you, who, don’t forget, doesn’t know them and especially, can’t get used to their whims. And in this case, time will probably tell.

How to make love a quality experience

Although there are many ways to fall in love, and they offer interesting experiences that stimulate the mind and body, most people just let the waves take them away. It is enough to get to the climax regardless of how their partners feel.

Read the following lines to discover the key factors that both men and women need to know in order for them to have great sex.
Here are some things you should know before falling in love

Specialists have identified several important elements that can improve sex quality.

Individuals should consider the following factors to ensure that they are satisfied with a sexual encounter.

Attraction to the Partner

Intimate moments are the most powerful time to feel attraction towards a partner. The chances of men and women sexing with each other increase dramatically.

However, individuals who just want an orgasm can be unable to achieve the climax of sex because they don’t care about their partners’ opinions. It is important that both men and women choose their partners carefully to avoid surprises in the bedroom.

To communicate

(A key factor in intimate relationships)

Communication between men and women is vital. The chances of having successful sex parties rise dramatically when they openly share their deepest thoughts, from sexual fantasies and the things that they love in bed.

However, if partners are hesitant to discuss their emotions and feelings, it is possible for them to have low libido.


Most people are excited when they go to bed and want to feel the passion. Sexual interactions are meant to lead to orgasm. However, self-control is important to not only prolong the pleasure but also to maintain a healthy balance between the partners.

Men need to be able to maintain erections, which is a guide for premature ejaculation. This will allow them to help their partners reach the peak. Ladies and gentlemen should also pay close attention to how their partners are treated so that they can achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Only a trained mind can help you to control your emotions. People should have fun every moment but not become selfish or put their own pleasures before others.


One example is that the opposite sex can engage in multiple types of orgasms. Men may not be aware of these and believe their partners are incapable of reaching the climax.

Orgasm is a key step in sexual intercourse. It can be achieved in many ways by both men and women.

It is important that you note that orgasm can occur in both men and women at different times. In men, it is caused by muscle contractions in vagina, vulva, and anus.

There are also men who can have intense orgasms, even though they don’t reach ejaculation. It all depends on the individual.

Improve your love relationship with your partner

Be an active listener. Your friend will feel more appreciated and recognized, and you may learn some things you didn’t know about him. When you know how to really listen to a person, you will understand them much better and you will empathize more deeply.

Reaffirm and clarify what you heard. This step can save you a lot of pain, especially if you are in an emotional conversation. Instead of assuming you heard correctly, paraphrase what you heard and ask for clarification: “Okay, let’s see if I heard you right. I heard you say, “Is that right?” Then let your friend explain what he wanted to say again.

Encourage each other even when you met on a dating site and talk more online. Ask questions. It’s not just about “what did you do today?” or “What do you want to eat?” Asking meaningful questions can enrich the conversation between the two of you. It will help you to encourage each other to share your feelings and thoughts. Studies have shown that asking deep questions improves your intimacy and the feeling that you are in love. Avoid preaching. It’s tempting to give advice to others, especially when you’re in a relationship. If someone has asked you for advice, then offer it. Otherwise, don’t say anything, because the person may not trust you to open up more.

Sometimes, when people ask for advice, what they are really looking for is a person who will listen to them and understand them without judging them in any way. If you think this is happening to your friend, ask, “Do you just need someone to listen to you, or do you want me to try to find a solution?”

Stay away from “should”. Nobody likes to be told “You should do this” or “You should do this.” It can make them feel stupid. Instead, try something like “How about ?” or “Have you tried ?” These details will help you have a better relationship, and your partner will definitely love you more.

All you need to know about oral sex

Although oral sex is taboo, it is still practiced by many, regardless of sexual orientation.

It can be used as either a prelude or per se to sexual intercourse.

Here are some tips to make oral sex look like a professional

It can be difficult to determine which oral sex method is best to achieve the desired effects and bring the partner joy.

These tips can be helpful for men looking to improve their oral sex skills to provide quality oral sex to their partners:

Be patient

Anyone who desires to have an intense orgasm with his partner after an oral sex session must be patient.

It can begin with slow, gradual movements. If his partner reacts, it can escalate in intensity.

Use your hands

Every woman loves to be touched and cared for. Touching the erogenous genital glands can help women relax and enjoy the oral sex they get, along with the chance to have orgasm.

Some women prefer to be pierced during oral sex. However, for safety and better communication, both partners should communicate what they like about sex.

Ask her what she wants.

Communication is very important, even during sex.

Men can also encourage their partners and tell them which sexual positions or moments are not comfortable for them, if he wants to watch https://wellstonjournal.com, let him do what he wants, be open!.

They should not be offended or feel guilty if their partner suggests a change in their oral sex technique.
Remember to take care of your lips and clitoris!

The vagina, clitoris, and lips are the most erogenous areas of a woman’s body.

Men should consider these factors when offering oral sex to their partners, especially if they are looking to make it memorable.

Oral sex is when they pay attention to their lips and clitoris. This is because the penis for men and women are very similar.

All movements of the female’s oral sex will allow her to have clitoral orgasm.
He can do your hair!

Oral sex should be reserved for the partner. However, oral sex should not be overlooked by the man, especially if it is used for foreplay prior to sexual intercourse.

The woman who pampers her partner should also be involved. She can pamper him and talk to him about how she feels about what he does.

Also, she must consider what she likes. Some men might get excited when her partners pull her hair. This is a very easy method that can even be used for oral sex.
Tell him that it tastes good

Men like to be appreciated for who they are and what their do. Women also appreciate this.

Once the arousal has been reached, the clitoris becomes more visible and can be stimulated more effectively by the man.

He can also use his tongue to penetrate the partner’s vagina. This is known as ejaculation for women.

This will increase her confidence and help her have more fun.

Be consistent

After the woman who has had oral sex with her partner notices that she enjoys a particular technique or helps her have orgasm, the man can continue to use it.

You can always try other methods, but it is best to stick with the most effective, especially if the others have not been received enthusiastically.

Men must remember that women are unique and that different things may be preferred by others.

It is therefore important to discover what your partner likes and take into consideration the signals she gives.