All you need to know about oral sex

Although oral sex is taboo, it is still practiced by many, regardless of sexual orientation.

It can be used as either a prelude or per se to sexual intercourse.

Here are some tips to make oral sex look like a professional

It can be difficult to determine which oral sex method is best to achieve the desired effects and bring the partner joy.

These tips can be helpful for men looking to improve their oral sex skills to provide quality oral sex to their partners:

Be patient

Anyone who desires to have an intense orgasm with his partner after an oral sex session must be patient.

It can begin with slow, gradual movements. If his partner reacts, it can escalate in intensity.

Use your hands

Every woman loves to be touched and cared for. Touching the erogenous genital glands can help women relax and enjoy the oral sex they get, along with the chance to have orgasm.

Some women prefer to be pierced during oral sex. However, for safety and better communication, both partners should communicate what they like about sex.

Ask her what she wants.

Communication is very important, even during sex.

Men can also encourage their partners and tell them which sexual positions or moments are not comfortable for them, if he wants to watch filme adulți, let him do what he wants, be open!.

They should not be offended or feel guilty if their partner suggests a change in their oral sex technique.
Remember to take care of your lips and clitoris!

The vagina, clitoris, and lips are the most erogenous areas of a woman’s body.

Men should consider these factors when offering oral sex to their partners, especially if they are looking to make it memorable.

Oral sex is when they pay attention to their lips and clitoris. This is because the penis for men and women are very similar.

All movements of the female’s oral sex will allow her to have clitoral orgasm.
He can do your hair!

Oral sex should be reserved for the partner. However, oral sex should not be overlooked by the man, especially if it is used for foreplay prior to sexual intercourse.

The woman who pampers her partner should also be involved. She can pamper him and talk to him about how she feels about what he does.

Also, she must consider what she likes. Some men might get excited when her partners pull her hair. This is a very easy method that can even be used for oral sex.
Tell him that it tastes good

Men like to be appreciated for who they are and what their do. Women also appreciate this.

Once the arousal has been reached, the clitoris becomes more visible and can be stimulated more effectively by the man.

He can also use his tongue to penetrate the partner’s vagina. This is known as ejaculation for women.

This will increase her confidence and help her have more fun.

Be consistent

After the woman who has had oral sex with her partner notices that she enjoys a particular technique or helps her have orgasm, the man can continue to use it.

You can always try other methods, but it is best to stick with the most effective, especially if the others have not been received enthusiastically.

Men must remember that women are unique and that different things may be preferred by others.

It is therefore important to discover what your partner likes and take into consideration the signals she gives.

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