Types of condoms

There are a lot of condom models on the market today. Each person gets to know them over time, after experiencing different materials, textures and flavors.

Latex condoms – are the most common and known for protecting both partners from sexually transmitted diseases during any type of sex: vaginal, oral and anal sex, but also from unwanted pregnancies.
Non-latex condom – made of polyurethane and used by people who are allergic to latex.
Condoms with or without spermicides – are known to provide much greater protection and to kill sperm. They are extra safe and much thicker than regular latex.
Stimulating or textured condom – has ribs, striations, dots or other such elements that give extra pleasure to both partners. It can even be compared to sex toys. However, some women are bothered by these streaks.
Ultra-thin condom – is a very intimate variant and most often used by those who are not fans of this method of contraception. Due to the fact that it is thin, it will help you feel every sensation and movement during sexual intercourse.
Condom with lubricant – most models are lubricants, because this substance ensures the quality of the product and prevents it from breaking or breaking. In addition, it can prevent irritation and pain.
Flavored condoms – are some of the most popular condoms for oral sex, due to the fact that they have interesting tastes and are more liked by women.
Condoms with anesthetic – are generally purchased by men who want to delay ejaculation, so that sex lasts as long as possible.
Vaginal condom – not an extremely popular choice, because many of the products are not approved or considered safe. However, women can choose to use them if they want more control.

So, if you are wondering what condoms are made of, these are the main materials used today. Of course, there are several options, but not all of them are considered safe.

Condoms for women vs. condoms for men

The male condom is the one that runs on the penis, and most of the time it is made of latex. These are the models that most people use, due to the fact that they are a much more convenient method of contraception for women.

Females are inserted into the vagina. They have a closed end that goes into the vagina and an open one. Most models are made of safe materials, even for those who are allergic to latex. It is not advisable to use male and female condoms at the same time, due to the risk of breaking or breaking.

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